Installation & Setup

Inclusion Solutions products are well known for their easy installation.  Under most circumstances, installing our products is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete.

For customers who need assistance installing their Inclusion Solutions products, please refer to the instruction manuals available below. Or, give us a call at 866-232-5487 and we will be happy to provide guidance.

Franklin Booth Assembly

Franklin 4-Station Booth Assembly Guide (JPG)

Franklin Privacy Curtain Setup Guide (PDF)

Frankie Single Booth Assembly Guide (JPG)

MXB-ICX Voting Booth Assembly Guide (PDF)


Fortress Ballot Box Assembly

Fortress 400 & 800 Assembly Guide  (PDF)

Totem Pocket Display Setup Guide (PDF)

Feather Flag Assembly Instructions (PDF)


PureVote LED Purification Wand

BigBell™ Basic Instructions (PDF)

BigBell™ Max Instructions (PDF)

FuelCall™ Product Installation Guide (PDF)