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FuelCall by Inclusion Solutions

Do you know if you are serving all customers?

Many fuel stations, while technically accessible under ADA guidelines, are not practically useful for individuals with disabilities – even when they have fuel pumps that have been labeled as ADA compliant. The reality is for many individuals living with a disability, exiting the vehicle in a highly trafficked area to refuel, even with an ADA-compliant pump, is unsafe. And for individuals with limited dexterity and reach, refueling is impossible regardless of the pump in place.  Refueling assistance will always be necessary.

Ask yourself: Are drivers with disabilities able to buy gas at your stations? Do your employees know how best to service this customer base? You may be missing out on gas and retail sales, or even exposing your business to fines and litigation.

Welcome all customers and offer refueling assistance with the FuelCall™ system.

Did you know?

There are 10 million drivers with disabilities in America. Among those drivers we surveyed, 95% said they would switch brands to patronize a company that pumps their gas.

EFuelCall Gas Station Assistancensuring Refueling Assistance at the Pump

FuelCall is an ADA-compliant system with an oversized touchpad that sits close to the pump. This touchpad allows drivers with disabilities to signal from inside the car to someone inside the station they need assistance refueling. It also gives you, as gas station owner, control over the hours during which refueling assistance can be offered consistent with your staffing schedule, and signage is customized for your station to display hours when refueling assistance is available.  Added benefit: You can increase your profit as FuelCall™ customers generate new C-Store sales.

Customers will know you offer refueling assistance by accessing our exclusive, convenient online tool,, to easily locate a FuelCall station nearby.

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