Emergency Management

Connect 20/80 by Inclusion Solutions

Helping Emergency Managers plan for and assist people with disabilities during disasters.

For the busy and conscientiously-staffed Emergency Manager we offer the following tools:

  • Shelter Assessment
    Our capable Emergency Management Consultants can assess your potential shelter sites and identify any needed remediation quickly and professionally.
  • Shelter Toolkit
    Our Shelter Toolkit matches the ADAAG guidelines for shelters together with a proven solution, taking the hard work out of compliance.

CONNECT 20/80 Emergency Management

    CONNECT 20/80 is our proven methodology to identify, engage with and include people with disabilities in your planning process, as suggested by 2010 FEMA Functional Needs Support Services (“FNSS”) Guidelines.  Read our report from the City of Rochester MN.

Emergency Management PlanEmergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning, forcing people to either quickly leave or confine themselves in their home unexpectedly. For the millions of Americans who have disabilities (on average, 20% of the population), emergencies such as fires, floods, and acts of terrorism present a real challenge.  It is the responsibility of Emergency Management to develop an All Hazard Mitigation Plan that takes into account the differing needs of those with access and functional needs — no easy task!

For example:

  • What is the best way to communicate to a blind person from which direction a storm is coming?
  • What is the best way to alert a person with spinal cord injury at night, when he or she doesn’t have immediate access to the wheelchair, of an impending hazard?
  • What is the best way to communicate at the scene of an accident with a person who is deaf, and no ASL interpreter is available?

Call 847-869-2500 or contact us today for more information on how ISEM Connect and our emergency management consulting can help you productively engage members of your community with disabilities in the planning process, or to learn about more than 300 products that make shelters accessible to people with disabilities.