Pakflatt® Franklin® Voting Booth

The innovative Pakflatt® Franklin® Voting Booth — exclusive to Inclusion Solutions — is America’s #1 Voting  Booth. This four compartment voting booth includes all the features of their original voting booth design but with unique visual characteristics, upgraded components and patriotic styling. More than 25,000 voting booths are now in place in 48 U.S. States and two national territories.

User Friendly

Compact, solid and user friendly, the Franklin® booth sets the standard for voting compartments. The booth is of one piece construction with no loose parts. No tools are required for either assembly or dismantling.

A telescopic leg assembly locks in place with a no-collapse feature incorporated for the safety of handlers and users. Extended visors are standard, providing maximum voter privacy.

Transportation is so easy that you can put a complete booth in the trunk of a family-sized car, when freight transport is not available or when an emergency response is required.

4-Way Voting

The Franklin voting booth is a four-compartment booth, although it can be set up as a two-three or four-person booth to suit the available space in a variety of precincts. All four compartments are accessible to all voters with disabilities and without or for those who want to sit while voting.

Universal Access

Since voters with disabilities and those without — as well as those with different assistive technology — come in a variety of sizes, standard writing surface heights are not always suitable for everyone. With the Franklin voting booth, the voter gets to choose with table height is a good fit for their needs.

Pakflatt® is the manufacturer of the complete range of Pakflatt® Election Equipment used throughout the world. Inclusion Solutions is the sole source distributor for their products in the United States. See the Pakflatt Sole Source Letter (PDF) for details.


  • Packed Dimensions: 38.5″ l x 9.5″ w x 25″ h
  • Weight (assembled): 48 lbs.
  • Assembled dimensions:
    • 61″ to frame top
    • 37.5″ to standard writing shelf
    • 30″ to seated accessible shelf
    • 32″ width between outside legs
    • 20.5″ shelf depth

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