Pakflatt® Election Products

Franklin voting boothPakflatt has been a valuable partner with Inclusion Solutions since 2009, and we are pleased to be the exclusive provider of Pakflatt’s election equipment line in the U.S.  The Pakflatt election equipment line is of the highest caliber in quality, finely engineered with a meticulous attention to detail – so much so that we have received nothing less than 100% positive feedback from our customers.

As we work to ensure accommodations for all voters are available through universal design, the Pakflatt team makes it a priority to know our customers’ problems, and they promptly respond to our input through innovative product development.  The election equipment line has expanded 10-fold through Pakflatt’s groundbreaking elections products and supplies such as: the Franklin, Frankie, and MXB voting booths; totem display stands; and ballot boxes for curbside voting.

The Franklin® Voting Booth

The Franklin® voting booth accommodates all voters, including those with disabilities.  It’s 4-station design expedites the voting process while offering complete voter privacy, and is perfect for paper ballot voting.  The Franklin is easy to set-up and take-down, and features compact storage for limited spaces.

Voting Accessories

The following accessories are available to assist in the privacy and comfort of both voters and pollworkers:

Pakflatt Election ProductsPakflatt® is the manufacturer of the complete range of Pakflatt® Election Equipment used throughout the world. Inclusion Solutions is the sole source distributor for their products in the United States. See the Sole Source Letter (PDF) for details.