Election Signs

election signsCommunication is key when it comes to creating a seamless voting experience for your voters, so be sure you have signage that is easy to read and identifies your building as a vote center or polling place.

All of Inclusion Solutions’ signs are affordable, easy-to-use, and portable – perfect for every polling place’s Election Day signage needs:

Directional Signs

We offer a wide array of directional signs for indoor or outdoor use.  Also known as way-finding signs, directional signs are ideal for short-term use.  Outdoor directional signs ensure voters arrive at your polling place safely and quickly, and indoor directional signs help voters navigate through your building to get to your check-in and voting area.

Accessible Parking and Entrance Signs

For voters with disabilities, accessible parking signs can be used to reserve parking for disabled voters.  In addition, accessible entrance signs should be appropriately placed to direct voters to an alternate entrance when the main entrance is not accessible.  And for voters with disabilities, we make sure our accessible signage is:

  • Large enough to read
  • Visible at a distance
  • Has a clear font style
  • Presents a consistent color scheme
  • Is illuminated or reflective if necessary

Informational Signs

Communicate basic information such as How to Vote, Voter Bill of Rights, training, bilingual information, sample ballots or general accessibility information with our informational signage displays.  Customize your message to meet your specific needs such as wording and legal language, and re-use your signs from one election to the next.

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