Inclusion Solutions Election Materials

Solutions for Election Officials

Founded in 2000, Inclusion Solutions’ mission is to create a safe, integrated environment for people with disabilities. Our area of expertise is in turnkey solutions for electoral authorities, which provide voters the complete access and participation (including privacy and independence) promised as citizens. Our products and services for polling places, including our exclusive line of Pakflatt election voting booths and supplies, have been used by more than 2,100 election jurisdictions (25%+) in all 50 U.S. states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

Election Voting Booths and Supplies

Inclusion Solutions works with state, municipal and county officials to ensure each citizen has access to his or her voting facility, and that ADA requirements are upheld. Through an exclusive partnership with PakFlatt, the leading manufacturer of election voting booths, Inclusion Solutions offers the state-of-the-art Pakflatt® MXB® voting booth, designed to accommodate both older voting systems as well as new COTS systems. In addition, the MXB’s modular construction features multiple shelving and seating configurations to fit varied voter needs. Inclusion Solutions is also the sole distributor of the PakFlatt® Franklin® election voting booths and a full range of elections equipment such as indoor and outdoor signage, wheelchair ramps and ballot bags.


Inclusion Solutions has worked with multiple counties nationwide that have not only been required to complete surveys, but are under scrutiny from either local disability advocates or the United States Department of Justice regarding polling place accessibility. Therefore, we are experts at reviewing polling places for ADA compliance and identifying cost-effective, pragmatic solutions to make polling places accessible to voters with a variety of disabilities, including persons who are blind or have low vision; people who are deaf or hard of hearing; people with limited use of hands or arms; individuals with mobility impairments who use canes, crutches, braces or walkers; persons who use wheelchairs; and people who have combinations of disabilities.

As a result of our polling site survey services, we have made recommendations for remediation and provided nearly 500,000 products that address identified gaps in accessibility. To date, Inclusion Solutions has completed statewide election accessibility projects in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Nevada and Hawaii.   Inclusion Solutions was also entrusted with a contract to make more than 5,000 polling places accessible throughout the province of Ontario.


Inclusion Solutions has been recognized by numerous disability groups for its work in inclusion including the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the National Organization on Disability and numerous State Protection and Advocacy Agencies. We are mindful that election accessibility projects must include the input of advocates in order to be designed properly.

Accessibility is not an add-on business for Inclusion Solutions – it is the center and reason for our business. We take pride in our participation in making polling places for many thousands of voters with disabilities a place where they are able to cast their vote respectfully, with dignity and in privacy. Voting is the first right from which all other rights of a citizen derive, and voting is a key “moment of truth” for a citizen with a disability.