Election Site Surveys

Inclusion Solutions has worked with multiple counties and municipalities nationwide that have not only been required to complete election site surveys, but also are under scrutiny from either local disability advocates or the United States Department of Justice regarding polling place accessibility. Our expertise is unmatched at reviewing polling places for ADA compliance and identifying cost-effective, pragmatic solutions for accessibility for voters with a variety of physical or cognitive disabilities.

It’s best not to wait until the election is close at hand (or the DOJ comes calling) to review your polling place sites for compliance. Last minute remedies can be difficult (and expensive!) to make. Our team of election experts, advocates, and attorneys can either quickly survey your polling places for ADA compliance or review completed surveys – freeing your staff to focus on the election itself.

We’ll walk through your election sites with a facility representative and review everything from entrances to signage against the most up-to-date version of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) “ADA Checklist for Polling Places” and your state’s election requirements. We’ll take measurements where necessary and document the survey with photographs. We’ll also inventory your current elections equipment and supplies, so we can recommend how best to use the ramps, signs and/or alert systems you already have on hand.

Once the site survey and inventory is completed, Inclusion Solutions will provide you with a report that highlights:

  • Where your sites meet access criteria;
  • Where barriers to accessibility exist;
  • Recommendations on how to correct any violations; and
  • A proposal that details not only what products are necessary, but also blueprints for where each product should be placed.

All survey fees will be credited against any products purchased – thereby providing you with a complete yet affordable way to ensure your polling places are accessible.

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