OrderAssist by Inclusion Solutions

Are you missing out on a market of loyal customers?

Drive thru service at fast food restaurants is a part of everyday life for many. But for millions of Americans with disabilities, including those who are deaf, hard of hearing, and have speech difficulties or other communication barriers, this basic service can be difficult or impossible to access.  In fact, lack of drive thru accessibility is a major concern for millions of Americans with disabilities. It is also an issue that several restaurant chains are struggling to address.  The Americans with Disabilities Act requires restaurants to make both physical as well as policy changes to serve customers with disabilities – both inside the restaurant and at the drive thru windows.

Did you know?

After hearing feedback from people with disabilities asking for a solution to drive thru service problems, Inclusion Solutions launched the Drive Thru Access Survey to secure comprehensive feedback on the current state of access.

Inclusion Solutions asked 6,500 people who are deaf or hard of hearing about their experiences at drive thru restaurants.  According to their responses:

  • 42% of individuals surveyed left without making a purchase.
  • 94% of individuals surveyed indicated they would be likely or highly likely to visit a restaurant that put in a drive thru system to improve access for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

OrderAssist Drive-Thru AccessSolution for Restaurants and Drive Thru Businesses

Our OrderAssist™ drive thru access system improves drive thru accessibility by letting customers who are deaf or heard of hearing place their orders in an efficient way. This easy-to-install system will let you expand your customer base, which includes a growing senior population. With OrderAssist™ you improve drive thru accessibility and send the community a message of inclusion that welcomes all customers.

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