Our goal is to help you, the election official, ensure the integrity of your election systems and processes. From initial awareness to ongoing monitoring, our end-to-end cybersecurity program is based on the NIST 800 series cyber framework (the industry gold standard for best practices), and is consistent with Congressional and Election Assistance Commission (EAC) directives.

Your Cybersecurity Advisors   

Inclusion Solutions’ team of Cybersecurity Advisors are trusted partners working with your elections staff to ensure you have a solid plan of action based on Department of Homeland Security and State Guidelines.

Improve Cybersecurity Today, in 3 Easy Steps and at no cost!

Inclusion Solutions, along with our security partners, have created an election-specific security program to ensure the integrity of your election systems and processes. This program is based on 3 key steps:

1. Cyber=SECURE: Assess and Strengthen your Existing Election Infrastructure

Step one is to create a detailed understanding of your election environment, compare your environment to the NIST 800 Cyber Security Framework, provide a gap and risk analysis, and then mitigate these gaps for your specific election needs.

2. Cyber=TRAIN: Awareness and Education

Step two focuses on the human element of your election infrastructure. Educate your staff on day-to-day security best practices, teach your vendors better security practices and train your poll workers for election day security; all for the purpose of building public trust in the integrity of the election process.

3. Cyber=MONITOR:DHS Vulnerability Scanning

Finally, step three provides ongoing monitoring, awareness, response, and mitigation of ongoing cyber threats. This includes working with our team’s ‘War Room’ as well as federal DHS programs.


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