COVID-19 Solutions

Inclusion Solutions is committed to the safety of our clients but also keeping voting, dining, and other essential services open.


Exclusive to Inclusion Solutions and Patent-Pending, the Voter Infection Protection Kit helps protect your polling places, pollworkers, and voters from the spread of infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), H1N1 Flu and more. Nothing protects entirely, but this integrated kit will decrease the risk of transmission for pollworkers and voters at your precincts using either paperballots, touch screens and/or electronic pollbooks.

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The BigBell™ OrderSafe creates a highly visible and obvious notice that your restaurant is open for takeout and curbside delivery. The button is set at the appropriate height for curbside or street access and features both customized signage and the international symbol of access. When a customer approaches your business, he or she will see the BigBell™ OrderSafe outside your entrance and know curbside takeout is available. Pressing the BigBell™ touchpad will trigger an interior chime to alert your employees a customer is outside and wishes to order.