Our Company History

Inclusion Solutions’ history began with a friendship. In 2000, Patrick Hughes, our founder, met a woman named Sandra who used a wheelchair and was unable to talk. Sandra had a simple wish: to eat where Patrick ate, to buy gas where Patrick bought gas, to make deposits in the bank Patrick used. Sandra could pay for everything… she simply could not get in the entrance to everywhere.

And thus the vision of “access for all” was born.

Inclusion Solutions began with a single product, the BigBell™ Alert System. The BigBell was designed specifically to comply with ADA requirements for buildings with entrances that do not allow for accessibility.  Designed with an eye to “low cost, high touch,” this simple device easily creates accessibility when removing physical barriers (steps, for example) is not feasible.

Two years after Inclusion Solutions was founded, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which required election jurisdictions to improve polling place accessibility. Inclusion Solutions was at the forefront in addressing these sweeping reforms, becoming a trusted advisor to election officials nationwide.

Today, we are committed to continuing our work to develop innovative products and be the market leader in accessibility. We envision a world where getting into a store, buying gas, entering an apartment or office, and voting are easily accessible to all.

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