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The number of Americans with a disability is significant and growing. Today, more than 54 million people in this country have a disability and this number will continue to increase as the Baby Boom generation ages.

Did You Know...?

  • One in four people over the age of 50, and half the people over 65, has a disability.
  • Of the nearly 70 million families in the U.S., more than 20 million have at least one member with a disability.
  • The 2000 U.S. Census Bureau survey put the number of Americans over the age of 50 at 76 million. The projection is that by 2020 there will be 116 million over 50, or 36 percent of the population.
  • Among the 54 million disabled:
    • 73% are the heads of households
    • 46% are married
    • 58% own their own homes
    • 48% are the family’s principle shoppers

  • The aggregate income of people with disabilities tops $1 trillion, including $220 billion in discretionary income.
  • There are 10 million drivers with disabilities in the U.S.
  • 28 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • A study by the Open Doors Organization found that adults spent approximately $14 billion annually on travel and suggested that revenues from this market could easily double if certain needs were met and obstacles removed.
  • That study also learned that 71% of people with a disability eat out at least once a week.

Resources for...

Statistics on People with Disabilities

There are numerous places with statistics on people with disabilities. Below are some we've found most useful.

Video Clips

Click on the links below to watch video segments on YouTube.

In this video clip, Mitchell Swanson demonstrates the difficulties
people with disabilities face at the gas pump.

Additional Resources

We have also found the following to be excellent sources of research, insight and strategic advice:

    Helping Your Business Reach Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers
  • Solutions Marketing Group
    They provide businesses with innovative strategies that target consumers with disabilities.
  • Disaboom
    A comprehensive, and evolving source of information, insight and personal interaction for the disabled community.
  • Open Doors Organization
    A source of comprehensive research, training, and guidance in marketing strategies and ADA compliance, ODO gives large corporations and small businesses, alike, the tools they need to reach and serve the disability market.

How Does Your Business Meet the Need?

As a business or building owner, do you know what your legal liabilities are? Check out our Myths and Misconceptions about ADA requirements.




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