Election Officials are like NFL Kickers

“So, what do you do for living?” Oh, the question that so many election professionals struggle to fully explain as people typically respond, astonished: “Wait, I didn’t realize so much goes into Election Day.” Having this conversation both as an Election Director of a large jurisdiction and working with hundreds of local officials on behalf of Inclusion Solutions, I’ve learned Election Officials are like NFL Kickers. You only notice them when something goes wrong.

Surprising to most, much of Election Officials time isn’t spent on “the big day” itself, instead attending to months of preparation and training. #ElectionPrep19 has a longer list of duties than ever before. Whether introducing newer technologies such as ePollbooks and Multilingual Virtual Pollworker, reviewing cyber systems, inventorying signs and supplies, or searching for a new, long-term solution for accessible voting booths, the responsibilities and weight of conducting a compliant, secure election continues to grow.

This is why I’m proud of our company and product line. Being a former customer myself, I can speak first-hand to the effectiveness of products such as the Franklin voting booth for replacing aged inventory and storage clutter while providing a more patriotic feel for voters, BallotCall Alert System for polling places, and Fortress ballot boxes which enhance absentee ballot storage and accountability.
Your next election is approaching. Include Inclusion Solutions as you prepare your cyber and voting systems, polling places, and signage. Family owned, American owned. Let’s kick together on Election Day.

Inclusion Solutions offers a variety of accessibility products including the universal, inclusive Franklin Voting Booth and ADA-compliant BallotCall Alert System. For more information, contact James Young, former Director of Elections of Louisville, KY, at jyoung@inclusionsolutions.com or 502.249.3916.

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