Pakflatt and Inclusion Solutions Hold Annual General Meeting

This week marked the conclusion of the Pakflatt-Inclusion Solutions Annual General Meeting in Evanston, Illinois. While Inclusion Solutions’ Evanston-based staff arrived a little tired following Northwestern’s overtime win against Nebraska (and Pakflatt’s Derry-based staff arrived a little tired following such a long flight!) everyone grabbed an extra cup of coffee and dove head first into a day of compelling presentations and promising product demonstrations.

The Annual General Meeting is one of the cornerstones of the Inclusion Solutions calendar, and the agenda is an impressive collection of engineering, marketing, cybersecurity, product development, and customer-service-related content – making it the place to be if you have anything to do with elections administration.

Valued Perspectives

Founder and Managing Director of the Pakflatt Group Patrick McGonagle was one of the first speakers to address the group, and he shared his valued perspective on the elections products industry and on Inclusion Solutions’ recent partnerships with counties such as Jefferson, which recently outfitted its elections jurisdictions with hundreds of the Pakflatt Frankie voting booths.  He hinted at product innovations to come and stressed how Pakflatt’s top priority will continue to be the customers it serves.

Patrick also described how together, Pakflatt and Inclusion Solutions are the authority on universally designed elections products and supplies – providing voting booths, ballot boxes, signs, and more for all customers across the United States.  Oh – and he re-configured the MXB voting booth to house a paper-based voting machine in 30 seconds flat, proving that he is Northern Ireland’s answer to Macgyver.

Industry Updates

Attendees were also treated to a presentation from Inclusion Solutions President Hollister Bundy.  With a reputation for endless energy and years of industry experience under his belt, Hollister kept everyone on their toes (post-lunch, no less!) with an interactive discussion on emerging trends in elections nationwide, ongoing elections administration challenges, and paper-based voting initiatives – and the impact of each on our companies moving forward.

Innovative Products and an Invaluable Partnership

Connections were made.  Emails were exchanged.  Questions were asked.  Learning took place.  And we all went home and told our loved ones that Eat Catering Chicago is the end-all-be-all in lunch.  Thank you to our attendees, to our presenters, and to the attentive and thorough staff at Eat.  We’re already looking forward to the Inclusion Solutions-Pakflatt Annual General Meeting next year, complete with industry insights, innovative products, and an invaluable partnership. Oh – and another Wildcats win, of course.

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