Small Business Access

Do you know who you are missing?

Is your building or business accessible to every one? Can people with disabilities, seniors, parents with small children easily enter on their own? If not, you may be turning away potential customers.

Did you know?

The 54 million Americans with a disability have $220 billion in discretionary income and represent an untapped market for you. For example, 71% of people with a disability report that they eat out at least once a week. Access problems could be keeping seniors and parents with small children away. Studies show that 25% of people over the age of 50 (50% of people over 65) have a disability, while 25% of women shoppers have small children and are often struggling with strollers.

A Solution for Restaurants, Retailers, More

The BigBell™ Alert System was developed for businesses as an affordable alternative to power doors. This oversized, wireless door access alert system meets Department of Justice ADA standards and enables mobility-challenged customers to request assistance with entry.

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BigBell Max Alert System