Site Surveys

First, understand. Then, plan.

Inclusion Solutions’ foremost priority is accessibility. For our family of employees, vendors, and distributors, accessibility is never about the product, and always about the person.   Therefore, our customers often rely on us for so much more than a high quality selection of merchandise that complies with ADA, AODA, and UN CRPD guidelines and regulations. In fact, many customers first request our expertise in determining how their sites are vulnerable relative to these guidelines and then call upon our 15+ years of experience to design a solid plan for effectively remedying these vulnerabilities with appropriate products and accessories.

Inclusion Solutions Site Surveys

From built environments such as public facilities, private housing, and commercial img_2301infrastructures to natural environments such as parks and waterways, Inclusion Solutions’ team of experts can conduct comprehensive site surveys to determine where vulnerabilities exist relative to disability legislation. Our team is innovative, technically astute, and knowledgeable on federal, state, and local access enforceability standards. We approach each project with a disciplined method for collecting data, taking measurements, photographing settings, and documenting results. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Routes
  • Entrances
  • Signs and identifications
  • Controls and operating mechanisms
  • Space allowance and reach ranges
  • Seating and counters
  • Floor and ground surfaces
  • Parking
  • Sanitary facilities

With survey results in hand, Inclusion Solutions will have evidence of any gaps in accessibility compliance standards and can create a workable plan to eliminate these gaps. Each plan is unique to the client environment and includes specific recommendations for moving towards accessibility compliance one step at a time, in the most cost effective way. These recommendations are prioritized in terms of need, and range from low/no-cost solutions to those requiring a more significant investment. Our final product is a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Barriers to accessibility in existing environments measured against applicable government standards
  • A strategic plan with specific recommendations for alterations to eliminate barriers
  • Proposal for purchases and procurement of resources, services, and products

Inclusion Solutions Site Survey Experience

img_0793Inclusion Solutions has worked with a wide variety of clients to help them understand their environment profile relative to disability legislation and take corrective action where necessary to avoid litigation and welcome new customers. Our experience extends from working with small municipalities assessing polling place accessibility to working with large government entities improving access for people with disabilities. Typical clients include:

  • Election sites
  • Real estate
  • Government
  • Property associations
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retailers

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