BallotCall™ Alert System

BallotCall Election Alert SystemElection Access Experts

The BallotCall temporary election alert system is ideal for government facilities, permanent polling locations, and private facilities or venues where access to entry is an issue, and installing permanent doorbell and/or signage at the point of entry is outside of your control.

The BallotCall system includes:

BigBell™ Flex Alert System

The BigBell Flex Alert System is set at the appropriate height for wheelchair access and features both the international symbol for wheelchair accessibility as well as directional signage, which can feature your county seal. When a voter approaches your polling place, he or she will see the BigBell Flex outside your entrance and know assistance is available. Pressing the BigBell touchpad will trigger an interior chime to alert your poll workers a voter is outside and requesting assistance.  A poll worker can then assist the voter as necessary.

BallotCall improves the voter experience while complying with ADA requirements.  BallotCall will work for any public or private building,  and you can also combine your BallotCall system with a ramp to increase access to your polling place.

  • Oversized touchpad for customers with limited dexterity
  • Universally designed, portable, wireless alert system allows voters to communicate their need for assistance
  • LED activation light
  • Oversized touchpad passes ADA “fist test”
  • Battery receiver can be placed near judges


  • Post and bracket provide temporary mounting site for election day
  • Durable base can be mounted on any flat surface, post extends to ADA-appropriate height

BallotCall Election Alert SystemExterior Signage

  • Sign reading “Ring Bell for Voting Assistance” provides voters with information
  • Marked with international access symbol

Reference Materials

  • Includes a guide to educate election judges on serving voters with disabilities


  • System collapses for storage in durable hard case with custom protective foam

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