“Tapping Into Hidden Human Capital,” A book by Debra Ruh, Demonstrates How Leading Global Companies Improve Their Bottom Line By Employing PwD’s

In this book, Tapping into Hidden Human Capital: How Leading Global Companies Improve their Bottom Line by Employing Persons with Disabilities,” Debra Ruh presents a new, game-changing perspective about the employment of persons with disabilities. By documenting existing practices of some of the largest companies in the world, the author shows that employing persons with …

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Hy-Vee’s Strategy for Winning the Customer Loyalty Game

Hy-Vee installs FuelCall gas station assistance system.

As drivers with disabilities continue to advocate for appropriate refueling assistance at the pump, FuelCall customer Hy-Vee shares its strategy for meeting this consumer population’s needs and winning their brand loyalty.  Hint?  It’s not just about complying with ADA regulations.  It’s about truly welcoming these drivers. Read more in the Argus Leader: Getting Fuel with …

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Fuel Marketer News and FuelRetailer Magazine Feature Inclusion Solutions’ FuelCall Refueling Assistance Alert

FuelCall Gas Station Access

Inclusion Solutions’ CEO Patrick Hughes recently spoke with Kyndall Krist of Fuel Marketer News, sharing how Inclusion Solutions is working to remedy the difficult, time consuming task of refueling for people with disabilities and how one of Inclusion Solutions’ flagship products, FuelCall, is providing these customers with the opportunity to request assistance at the pump. …

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The Language of Respect

Guidlelines for People First Language

We field a lot of phone calls here at Inclusion Solutions. Yes, many of them are orders for products or requests for services such as emergency management. But many of them are requests for assistance of an entirely different nature: Can you please call my local church and ask them to put in a ramp? …

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